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Attaching a Micro switch to an old Graves

I bought the smallest micro switch Radio Shack had plus wire and connectors that I could attach an ohm meter to. I soldered the wires on the switch, then super glued the switch to the stop on the movable guile arm as shown below.  I used a small piece of agate that I shaped on a cab machine to be super glued to stop on the mast as can be seen in the picture. Connect an ohm meter before gluing to check what is the best position to get the meter to move over.

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For those of you who use a Raytec Shaw to facet I have figured out a low cost way of attaching a BW (ohmmeter) so you can control your depth of cut easier. I am a retired special education teacher and found a wafer switch in my leftovers. It is only $35 and is easy to attach. You can get one at the following web site. I use the 2″ x 2″ x 2mm.  http://www.inclusivetlc.com/Products/ ViewProduct.aspx?psid=36&gpid=24.
The following pictures show how to attach it.


Attach the wafer switch to a female mini plug from Radio Shack and attach the wires from that to your ohmmeter from radio shack or Harbor Freight.. Tape the switch to the Raytec Shaw platform (or even a Graves, although the switch will stick out two inches it still should work).

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