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Free Gemology Course/Barbara Smigel
UltrTec’s Library

 Faceting Machines

ULTRATEC Faceting Equipment
 Graves Faceting Equipment

 Faceting Designs

Faceting Designs at the Rockshop
 Aussie’s Faceting Designs
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Mines to Visit

Emerald Village of N. Carolina Gem Mountain of N. Carolina
Lost Mines of Atlantis,  Sebring, Fl
Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine, N.C
Gold City Gem Mine, N.C.
Emerald Hollow Mine, N.C
Emerald Village, N.C.
Hogg Crystal Mine, Georgia      Video Masons Ruby and Saphire Mines, NC
Jim Coleman’s Crystal Mine, Arkansas
 Fee Mining in America

Tools and Supplies

FDJ Jewelry and Tools
Diamond Pacific
Kingsley North
The Battlap Store (Gearloose)
Lapcraft Company
Ancient Artifacts & Treasures
Black Market Minerals
Rio Grand Jewelry Supply
Monster Slayer
Thunderbird Jewelry Supply
Fire Mountain
Silver Suppliers
Brandywine Jewelry Supply

Metalsmithy Videos

Making a Bezel PT 1                                     Setting a cab in bezel Part 1
 Making a Bezel PT 2
Setting a cab in bezel Part 2
Making a Bezel;  PT 3 Setting a cab in bezel Part 3
Making a Bezel PT 4
Making a Bezel PT 5 Filigree feathers   
Basic sawing designs Silver filigree
Basic drilling in metal
The Art of filigree Cypriot Filigree
Silver soldering filigree Pt 1 Byzantine tradition (Chase & Repouse)
Silver soldering filigree Pt 2 Filigree Soldering (Jeanniusdesigns) Pt 1
Make sanding sticks    Filigree Soldering (Jeanniusdesigns) Pt 2
Making a Designer Pendant
Filigree Soldering (Jeanniusdesigns) Pt 3

Central Florida Clubs

Tomeka Gem and Mineral Club, Daytona
Canaveral Mineral and Gem Society
Central Brevard Rock & Mineral Club


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Meetpoint faceting #1  the SRB Meetpoint faceting #6  OMNI Design concepts
Meetpoint faceting #3  the CAM Trillion
Meetpoint faceting #4  the OMNI
Meetpoint Faceting #5  CAM Design concepts
Cutting Sapphires
Most inexpensive faceting machine
Crafting Great Gemstones
How to set Gems part 1
How to set Gems part 2
Gem Cutting in Bangkok
Cutting in Jaipur, India
More Jaipur cutting (facebook  only)
Cutting large sun stone (time lapse)
Concave cutting talk Dalan Hargrave
Taking apart a Raytec Shaw quill
Cutting Opal
Build Camera Light Ring
Cutting Cabachons
Caves of Largest Crystals, Mexico   WOW!!!
Largest Crystal ever found
 Worlds Largest Crystals
Concave cutting demo