The President thanked everyone who helped at the Sept. 2023 Show. It was successful. He wished we could have had more Volunteers. Connie’s Kids Corner was a blast. He thanked Thelma Craig, Connie Freer and Bob Cole at the Silent Auction and everybody for all their hard work they did for the Show. Connie said the way the area was set up for the kids and the Silent Auction it worked pretty well. She added that she put a picture of the raffle prize on the website.


The President stated that Connie’s Kids Corner was a success. Connie added that they had 70 kids. The President added that we have a storage unit that we needed to empty and asked her to check out what she could use for the kids from it. Discussion followed on location of the kids Corner and the Silent Auction. The raffle prize, purchased at Village Originals, cost $105 and they made this amount back. The winner of the prize had a friend pick it up for her.